Hydra Glo Facial Treatment

Improved skin texture and tone


Reduced fine lines and wrinkles


Deeper hydration of the skin


Improved blood flow leading to collagen production

Reduced/improved acne scarring


Improved uneven pigmentation


Perfect for skin congestion & blackheads

Non - invasive

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Copy of Brow Lamination - Client Record Card..png

Hydra Glo is the ultimate skin detoxifying and deep cleansing experience which rejuvenates your skin with active botanical ingredients. The treatment reveals glowing, refreshed and radiant skin with immediate results. Hydra Glo is a treatment that everyone can enjoy and is suitable for all skin types and concerns.

Hydro dermabrasion has taken over in popularity from microdermabrasion, this is due in part to the fact that the treatment utilises the natural healing powers of water and oxygen to effortlessly, and painlessly exfoliate the skin without the use of hard microcrystals or abrasive textured wands.  Hydro dermabrasion treatments provide deeply hydrated, firmer, smoother, and healthier looking skin.

Price List

Ageing gracefully

Just Hydra Glo
Including Chemical Peel
Including Dermaplaning
Including Chemical Peel & Dermaplaning

Hydra Glo Dig Deep

Just Hydra Glo

Including Chemical Peel
Including Dermaplaning
Including Chemical Peel & Dermaplaning

Hydra Glo Bask in the Glow

Just Hydra Glo
Including Chemical Peel
Including Dermaplaning
Including Chemical Peel & Dermaplaning

Hydra Glo Keep Calm

Just Hydra Glo
Including Chemical Peel
Including Dermaplaning
Including Chemical Peel & Dermaplaning

Mini Hydra Glo Facial

Mini Hydra Glo

(Ageing Skin)

Treatment includes; Cleanse, Skin scrubber, Hydrodermabrasion, Cavitation, Radio Frequency tightening of the face, face mask, Cold hammer, Airbrush Spray, finished with hydra boost serum, hyaluronic acid moisteriser, eye cream & SPF.

(Congested/Oily Skin)

Treatment includes; Cleanse, Skin scrubber, Hydrodermabrasion, Extractions, Cavitation, face mask, Cold hammer, Airbrush Spray, finished with hydra boost serum, hyaluronic acid moisteriser, eye cream & SPF.

(Normal/ Dry Skin)

Treatment includes; Cleanse, Skin scrubber, Hydrodermabrasion, Cavitation, Face mask, Cold hammer, Airbrush Spray, finished with hydra boost serum, hyaluronic acid moisteriser, eye cream & SPF.

(Sensitive Skin)

Treatment includes; Cleanse, Skin scrubber, Hydrodermabrasion, Cavitation, Face mask, Cold hammer, Airbrush Spray, finished with ultra calming moisteriser, eye cream & SPF.





Short on time and what a Hydra Glo Facial? The Mini Hydra Glo Facial is perfect for you!
Treatment includes; Cleanse, Skin scrubber, Hydrodermabrasion, Airbrush Spray, finished with skin specific moisteriser, eye cream & SPF.


How Hydra Glo Works


There are several steps in providing a Hydra Glo treatment. The therapist will always start with a consultation to ensure that you are suitable for treatment. We will then begin with a double cleanse and skin analysis to check your skin types, concerns so that we can provide you with the most effective treatment before following with the steps outlined below.


Skin scrubber

A skin scrubber is a mechanical exfoliation technique which uses vibration technology. This perfoms a deep exfoiliation that can penetrate into the epidermal layers of the skin. The vibration gently shakes and dislodges the cells allowing any trapped or built up dirt, blackheads or dead skin to become loose.


Benefits and effects of the Skin Scrubber


  • A non-surgical method of skin clearing and Purifying, using the skin scrubber is quick, convenient, and painless, without the need for chemicals or lasers leaving the skin looking brighter and clearer.

  • The skin benefits from the ultrasonic sound waves, which propels surface moisture from the tip of the blade, rapidly into the follicles and back out again. This helps to purifying the skin, by removing the superficial dirt and sebum for a targeted deep exfoliation action

  • It is a completely painless technique, a method that can be used on a variety of different areas on the body, especially where, blocked pores can form, The shape of the stainless steel head means it can get into almost any position, causing no redness, swelling or discomfort of any kind making ideal for those sensitive areas or hard to reach areas.

  • Can be used quite safely alongside other treatments, all skin types and most skin conditions. On the machine labels this attachment is described as high frequency.





The hydrodermabrasion attachment would now be used which which uses vacuum suction, water and a water based skin care solution which is chosen specifically for your skin type. This helps to remove the outer layers of the epidermis whilst helping to release blackheads whilst helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and scarring.



Benefits and effects of Hydro-dermabrasion


  • There are many benefits of Hydro-dermabrasion. As a non-surgical method of skin rejuvenation, Hydro-dermabrasion is quick, convenient, and painless, immediately restoring younger, smoother looking skin without the need for chemicals, lasers or injectables.

  • Gentler than Microdermabrasion, yet equally as effective, so more versatile, and perfect for those with more sensitive skins. Hydrodermabrasion encourages cell renewal, which means your skin will benefit from improved elasticity, a smoother texture and reduced signs of ageing.

  • We all have days when our skin looks tired, dull and uneven. Breakouts, blotches and larger pores can leave anyone feeling self-conscious about their skin, normally skin renews itself approximately every 28 days. By removing dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin, Hydro-dermabrasion speeds up the rate at which the skin would normally renew itself – ridding you of tired and dull patches and revealing new, fresh skin and giving a radiant glow.

  • It can help with keeping congested skins clear, however, this treatment is not to be done over active acne as it can spread the bacteria. It helps to keep the pores clear so therefore stopping the bacteria from activating.


Ultrasound cavitation.

Skin appropriate serum is applied to the skin then we will perform the ultrasound cavitation treatment. This is a highly effective method of pushing or penetrating products into the skin by using ultrasound waves.


Benefits and effects of Ultra-sound Cavitation

  • Ultrasound uses sound waves of 1MHz to create physiological effects within the skin tissues. Similar to ripples on water, the waves create an increase in the penetration of topically applied serums, into the epidermal layers to achieve intensive results for the skin.

  • One of the effects ultrasound creates is cavitation – the formation and collapse of gas bubbles. The intensity of cavitation causes small holes to appear within the surface of the skin, in-turn enlarging intercellular spaces for topically applied formulations to be deeply absorbed.

  • Results give a boost to the skin improving the collagen production and levels and reduces imperfections. Serums will contribute to a youthful glow and radiance to the skin making it appear more flawless.


Radio Frequency (used only in aging gracefully facial)

Radiofrequency skin tightening is a nonsurgical method of tightening your skin, by stimulating collagen and elastin. The procedure involves using energy waves to heat the deep layer of your skin known as your dermis. This heat stimulates the fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin. Collagen is the most common protein in your body. It creates the framework of your skin and gives your skin its firmness. As we age, our cells produce less collagen and are elastin becomes weaker. This leads to sagging skin and wrinkles as the quantity and quality begins to decline.


RF waves heat the deep layer of your skin to between 122 and 167°F (50–75°C). By maintaining a temperature over 115°F (46°C) for over 3 minutes causes your body to release heat shock proteins. These proteins stimulate your body to create new collagen fibers.



Benefits and effects of Radio Frequency?


  • Helps with the fight against sun damage, Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays can causes our collagen fibers in your skin to break down and become disorganized. By stimulating the collagen fibers, this helps to strengthen those fibers.

  • Helps with face contouring, its stimulation of collagen fibers helps to improve facial skin laxity whilst reducing fine lines wrinkles.

  • The heat generated, stimulates the blood supply, bringing a fresh supply nutrients to the layers of skin, essentially feeding the skin.

  • Can be used safely alongside several over treatments and suitable for all skin types. There is no downtime and completely painless. It is considered one of the most relaxing advanced facial techniques because of the warming sensation.

  • Leaves your skin looking fresh, blushed with a more youthful appearance.





Cold Hammer

A skin appropriate mask mask is applied all over the face and neck and the skin is massaged using the cold hammer. The cold hammer cools the skin down which helps with reducing any redness and inflammation.


Benefits and effects of the cold hammer.


  • Applying the cold has many benefits to the skin including the reduction of redness, swelling and inflammation. This is achieved by triggering vasoconstriction within the skins blood vessels therefore restricting the amount of fluid within the vessels.

  • The extreme cold can also help reduce pore sizes, so great for more oily or combination skin, but also helps to seal in any specialty serums that have been previously applied.

  • By stimulating the fibroblast cells to produce more collagen and elastin, it helps to tighten skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles by plumping the skin slightly leaving it looking more youthful.

  • Boosts the colour in the skin, giving it a more radiant glow

  • This is great for all skin types and conditions, can be used after multiple different treatments. It is painless with no downtime.


Oxygen spray

The treatment is finished by applying a skin apprriate toner to the oygen spray and applying to the face. The Oxygen Spray is designed nourish your skin and promote collagen growth, by spraying highly concentrated oxygen right into the epidermal layer of the skin.


Benefits and effects of Oxygen treatment

  • Oxygenation leads to skin renewal by increasing the skin fibers and the removal of cellular toxins. In addition to this it will stimulate collagen production therefore reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Increased oxygen intake leads to a healthier complexion.

  • Many celebrities swear by the infusion method provided by an oxygen facial treatment, for smoother and plumper, more youthful skin.

  • These benefits give an overall boost to the skins energy levels, this is ideal for post illness, post holiday (where there could have been increased sun exposure and a more indulgent diet) and times of stress.

  • This procedure is completely painless with no downtime required. Ending a facial treatment with oxygen therapy boosts results of other treatments and suitable for all skin types and conditions.

  • Using the small glass vial, an infusion with vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients, and botanical extracts can be added to further boost the treatment results or used as a stand along treatment.

Is everyone suitable for this treatment?

Unfortunately not every one is suitable for Hydra Glo. Below is a list of who cannot have this treatment. 

  • Pregnancy or women who may be pregnant or breastfeeding 

  • Scarring, infection of the treatment area 

  • Patients with cancer 

  • Patients with Autoimmune conditions

  • Patients with low/high blood pressure 

  • Blood-thinning medication 

  • Recent skin peels or hair removal 

Combining Treatments

Combining Hydro-dermabrasion with dermaplaning or a chemical peel the best treatments to complement each other perfectly.

By combining them together, these two facial rejuvenation treatments address virtually every skin concern you could possibly have. Dermaplaning begins to unclog pores by gently removing dead skin cells and other impurities from your skin’s surface. Then, a Hydro-dermabrasion gives us the opportunity to deeply clean, exfoliate, hydrate and protect your skin.

Combining treatments with Hydro-dermabrasion makes Hydro-dermabrasion more effective. The build-up of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin is known as hyperkeratosis. By removing this superficial layer, dermaplaning allows the chemical peel used during a Hydro-dermabrasion to penetrate deeper into your skin. This results in both treatments being more effective.


For more details on the chemical peel & dermaplaning treatment please find on their page.


♡ No make up for at least 8 hours
♡ Do not touch the face, if you have to make sure that your hands are clean.
♡ No other heat treatments such as, facial waxing, sunbeds, saunas hot tubs or Jacuzzis
♡ Avoid going to the gym or doing anything that will make you perspire.
♡ Avoid swimming
♡ For the first few days just cleanse using your hands no flannels, sponges, muslin cloths etc., these are a form of further exfoliation even if it is gentle form
♡ Use an SPF 50 daily, or for at least the next 7 days
♡ Avoid Retinol products (7 days if using a 1% or above)
♡ Do not exfoliate for the next 7 days
♡ Avoid any further facials or masks at home