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Helps to remove fine vellus hair.


Rejuvenates the skin by exfoliation


Deeper hydration of the skin


Evens out skin tone

Minimizes pores, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles.

Improves acne & congestion


Helps with a smoother Make-Up Application


Helps exfoliate skin with broken capillaries

Non - invasive

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Copy of Brow Lamination - Client Record Card. (1).png

Dermaplaning is skin rejuvenation at its finest, this treatment will remove all dead skin from the face, and body and cleans the surface of the skin through exfoliation that tightens and firms the skin and also will remove any unwanted light facial hair.

This is a great treatment if you are pregnant or nursing and want exfoliation without the risk of harsh chemicals absorbing into the blood stream and potentially harming your baby.

Dermaplaning is fantastic as a pre-treatment before treatments such as chemical peels as this will exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells ready for that fresh layer to be treated.

Price List

Express Dermaplaning Facial

Deluxe Dermaplaning Facial

Dermaplaning & Chemical Peel Facial

Treatment includes; Cleanse, Skin Polish, Dermaplaning, Skin Specific Toner, Moisteriser, Eye cream & SPF.


Treatment includes; Cleanse, Skin Polish, Dermaplaning, Face & Neck Massage, Skin Specific Face Mask, Toner, Moisteriser, Eye cream & SPF.



Treatment includes; Cleanse, Skin Polish, Dermaplaning, Chemical Peel, Skin Specific, Toner, Moisteriser, Eye cream & SPF.

Benefits of Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning helps to remove fine vellus hair.

As the razor blade glides across the skin, it removes the soft and fine vellus hair (a.k.a. peach fuzz). The fine hairs are removed just above the surface of the skin.  This hair does not impact the color, growth or texture of a woman’s facial hair. Therefore, no need to worry about the hair growing back darker or thicker. More on this shortly.  You can even pair up the dermaplaning blade with the eyebrow razor. The eyebrow razor can be used in the hard-to-reach area's whereas the dermaplaning razor with the wider blade, can be used on larger surface areas. 

Dermaplaning helps the Fight Against Acne  

Having excess fine hairs on the face are a haven for trapping and holding dead skin cells, impurities and oils in your follicles and pores. This is one of the main causes of acne and blemishes. The dermaplaning process removes these fine hairs to help prevent acne. 


Dermaplaning leaves baby Smooth Skin

By using the facial razor to remove the peach fuzz on your face, it  will help your skin look brighter and healthier. Also will feel a lot more smoother to bring back that youthful glow of the past we all once had.


Dermaplaning rejuvenates the Skin By Exfoliation

The dermablade gently scrapes against the top layer of the skin. This removes dead skin cells while promoting the growth of new cells.


Dermaplaning Evens Out Skin Tone

When the layer of dead skin cells is removed from the surface, the dark patches and sunspots will appear much less noticeable. This also results in the skin looking more luminous and radiant for your next special event.  


Dermaplaning helps with a smoother Make-Up Application

Layers of dead skin sitting can build-up and interfere with the application of your makeup. By removing the top layer of damaged and dead surface cells, it allows makeup to go on smoother. You will also use less complexion products such as foundations and concealers, thus saving you money in the long run. Also, your favourite moisturizers and serums will absorb better and faster on smooth, exfoliated skin.


Dermaplaning minimizes Pores, Diminishes Fine Lines and Wrinkles.

After dermaplaning, pores are free of debris and dirt and therefore appear smaller. Also, because the newly exposed layer of skin reflects light better, making it appear healthier while making fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable.


Dermaplaning is Non-invasive with No Downtime

The dermaplane procedure is pain-free. The scalpel or blade does not cut or penetrate the skin.   Furthermore, since no harsh and abrasive chemicals are involved, it significantly reduces the chances of a lot of irritation to occur.

How Often can you have a Dermaplaning Treatment?

The recommended frequency for a Dermaplaning treatment is every three to four weeks, but why? There are a couple of reasons why this frequency is preferable for most people. 


The first reason is that a single treatment removes about two to three weeks of dead skin cells from the skin surface, so if you have this treatment too frequently, you will be removing new skin cells that are protecting the sub-dermal layers of your skin.


The second reason relates to your skin’s natural skin cell turnover cycle. This is the 28 to 40 day cycle refers to how quickly dead skin cells are shed for new skin cells to emerge. Most people have an ongoing cycle that means new skin cells naturally replace dead skin cells about every four to six weeks. Using an exfoliation treatment once a month can assist this natural cycle without any risk.


Do Some People Need This Treatment Less Frequently?

Some people may prefer to use this treatment every four to six weeks, or sometimes every eight weeks. Typically, people who use this treatment less frequently either have sensitive skin or mature skin. For sensitive skin, exfoliating too frequently can create more sensitivity, so more space between exfoliation treatments is ideal. And because mature skin has a naturally slow cellular turnover, it’s generally not necessary to exfoliate so often.


♡ Avoid perfume/ alcohol-based products (toner 15 days)

♡ Avoid hot steam showers – 48 hours

♡ Avoid the gym – 48 hours

♡ Avoid sunbeds – up to 4 days

♡ No more treatments on skin – 7/14 days

♡ Avoid direct sunlight – up to 4 days

♡ A simple skincare regime with no acid based products should be used for 3 days post treatment.

♡ No water to be used on the skin for 24 hours after the procedure

♡ Spicy food and seafood should be avoided for 3 days post treatment.

♡ Heavy makeup is not recommended for the first 3 days – tinted SPF or mineral powder is fine.

♡ A course of 3 treatments should be completed within 6 weeks.

♡ Discontinue use of retinol products and vitamin C for 3 days prior to treatment and 8 weeks after.


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