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Our gel polish course will teach you all the knowledge required to perform treatments at a professional standard. You will learn the techniques required to perform a gel polish manicure and pedicure. Upon completion of the course you will receive an accredited certificate which will enable you to gain insurance to be able to provide treatments to the public. All of our courses are fully accredited with HBH (Hair, Beauty & Holistic Accreditation Board) and are fully insurable which is what is required to work in the beauty industry


WHAT IS GEL POLISH? A gel manicure or pedicure involves a gel-based polish which needs a UV (or LED) light. This light cures the polish, making sure it adheres to your nails and setting it. This setting means that the polish can last for several weeks in pristine and shiny condition. They look just like an old-style manicure, the moment they have been finished. You don’t need to worry about smudging the nail polish and they will stay looking beautiful for weeks. It is also suitable for both short and long nails. You may have heard the term ‘shellac’ when looking into gel manicures. If you’re wondering the difference between gel and shellac – shellac is simply a brand name for a popular brand of gel polish.


Gel polish CLASSROOM BASED Course


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